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AzCDL Annual Meeting of Members





The Arizona Citizens Defense League
Thirteenth Annual Meeting of Members
was held on October 13, 2018 at the
Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona

Annual Meeting Sponsors
We thank the following AzCDL supporters whose
substantial donations helped offset the costs of the meeting

Cheryl & Dan Todd - AZFirearms & Gun Freedom Radio
Steve Edwards’ Queen Valley Mule Ranch

The following speakers participated in a panel discussion on
the impact women are having on the National gun debate

CyndeeHardingHead3Cyndee Harding is the owner and designer of Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses and the creator of Stay SAFE (Situational Awareness For Everyone) Programs. She has had her CCW permit for over 10 years and is a NRA certified pistol instructor and In-home Personal Protection specialist.  She is a blogger at “Pistol in the Paisley” and a contributor to the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Associations’ quarterly online magazine, “Bullet Trap.” Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses are designed as the safest, most secure way to carry off body.  She has made it her mission to bring awareness, confidence and the ability to enhance your personal safety.

CarrieLightfootHead1Carrie Lightfoot was recently elected to the NRA Board of Directors.  She is also the founder and owner of The Well-Armed Woman and the founder and Chairwoman of the Board of TWAW Shooting Chapters Inc., a non-profit organization. She is a popular national speaker and frequent guest in national media including: CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, TIME Magazine, NBC Nightly News, USA Today, FOX News, Blaze TV and NRA News. Carrie is also a published author with articles in leading industry magazines and her book “The Well Armed Woman’s Concise Guide To Concealed Carry”. 

RachelMaloneHeadshot1Rachel Malone passionately promotes the right to keep and bear arms in legislation, training, and public perception. In 2012 she founded Texas Firearms Freedom, the first organization to champion constitutional carry in Texas, and has seen tremendous progress through her efforts. A nationally-certified firearms instructor, Rachel participates regularly in Run n Gun biathlons and teaches defensive handgun and rifle. She finds joy in empowering individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones. You can hear some of her strong opinions on the Polite Society Podcast. Rachel has served as the Operations Director of the Republican Party of Texas and was previously a professional classical musician. She remains dedicated to training others to safeguard liberty and justice for all.

AntoniaOkaforHead1Antonia Okafor is a media personality, gun rights activist and the founder and CEO of emPOWERed, a national student organization that seeks to equip young women to educate, train and advocate for their rights to defend themselves on and off campus and to let go of the modern feminist mindset that seeks to leave them as victims. Antonia is also a Sinclair Broadcast Group contributor and political commentator. She regularly speaks on college campuses around the nation about female empowerment and gun ownership. Antonia is regularly on Fox News, CNN, and BBC as a commentator on the Second Amendment, feminism and immigration issues. Her video with Prager University has garnered over 10 million views.

CherylToddCheryl Todd is the owner of, and owner & Co-Host of Gun Freedom Radio.  Cheryl is a lifetime member of the NRA, the ASRPA, the AZCDL, and supports other organizations such as Refuse To Be A Victim, Child Safe, The Eddie Eagle Program and The Well-Armed Woman. Hosting the weekly Gun Freedom Radio show is an extension of that desire to educate and engage and make gun-related topics and issues accessible and easy to understand by separating the facts from the hype. Cheryl is a sought after Speaker and Panel-Moderator at both the local and national level. Cheryl has been an invited speaker at the National Gun Rights Policy Conference and the NSSF Industry Summit, the DC Project in our Nation’s Capital, as well as appearing on various local news outlets and C-Span.

We also had a special appearance by...

MajToureMaj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter (BGM), a group to help urban communities learn their gun rights and responsibilities.

“The Second Amendment is color blind, and the human right to self-defense is meant for all people, including oft-forgotten individuals of urban communities,” says Maj Toure, BGM Founder and leader of the group’s 50 state tour.

Each BGM event includes demonstrations and discussions with experts including certified firearms instructors, lawyers, and Second Amendment activists. Throughout the nationwide BGM class, Toure, a Philly Hip Hop artist turned activist, sounds the alarm on politicians who espouse that urbanites should trust government to keep them safe, while, simultaneously, politicians have failed to do just that.

Our Featured Speakers included...

Armed America Radio host Mark Walters, noted author Alan Korwin and criminal defense attorney Marc Victor

The following are links to audio highlights from AzCDL’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Members

Panel Discussion
Maj Toure

AzCDL’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Members will be held in Tucson, Arizona
Details about the meeting will be posted here as it becomes available

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