Arizona Citizens Defense League ®

Protecting Your Freedom

If you want to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Arizona, then you want to join the Arizona Citizens Defense League ® (AzCDL)

Our Goals

AzCDL believes that the emphasis of gun laws should be on criminal misuse and that law-abiding citizens should be able to own and carry firearms unaffected by unnecessary laws or regulations.

Towards that end, we are pursuing the following Arizona legislative improvements
“Freedom to Carry” – Restore and protect the right of law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm
openly or discreetly anywhere they have a right to be.

  • Fewer restrictions on the lawful carrying of firearms on Public property
    (state and local government buildings, parks, etc.).
  •  “Restaurant Carry” – The ability of law-abiding citizens to dine out while carrying a firearm.
  • Continued strengthening and preservation of the right of presumed innocence in self-defense situations.
  • Strong State Preemption – Firearms laws should be consistent throughout the State.
  • Liability responsibility for property owners who ban firearms.
  • Continued improvements to CCW laws.

Help us make a difference!