Attorneys on Retainer

by | Jun 2, 2020 | News & Alerts | 0 comments

For the law-abiding, the heaviest thing about a firearm is the responsibility that comes with it.  If you carry a firearm, you already accepted the responsibility of defending yourself and loved ones.  However, carrying a firearm increases your odds of an interaction with law enforcement, and even the most minimal act of defending yourself can come with experiencing the criminal “justice” system in a less than positive way.  Sitting in the county lock-up is not the time to start thinking about legal representation.

With the rise of responsible citizens carrying firearms, a number of insurance plans have become available for firearms owners.  They typically provide a network of attorneys that can assist you and provide legal representation.  However, for the most part, you may have no idea who will be representing you until you call.  Do you really want to trust your legal problems to an attorney that you may know nothing about, and may not have extensive expertise in Arizona firearms laws?

Here in Arizona, we have another option.  Phoenix-based criminal defense attorney, and AzCDL Life Member, Marc Victor offers an Attorneys on Retainer (AOR) program.  This is not an insurance program.  As a member of the program, you become a client of his law firm and can utilize his services at a greatly reduced rate.  Marc is offering three different options.  To learn more about each option click here and scroll down the page.

We invite you to use the AzCDL link when signing up for the Attorney on Retainer program.  As an affiliate, AzCDL benefits when you join the AOR program.

Regardless of whether you take advantage of this program, or any of the others being offered, if you own a firearm we recommend that you establish a relationship with qualified legal counsel before the need ever arises.