Firearms & Private Property Trespass

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We’ve all seen the signs on places that prohibit entering with a firearm.  Not all are covered by the same laws.

In Arizona there’s a distinction between “public” and “private” property.  Public in the statutes refers to state and local government-controlled property.  Entering public property that bans firearms is covered under the Misconduct Involving Weapons statutes in ARS 13-3102.10

Entering private property that sells alcohol for consumption is addressed in the Alcoholic Beverages statutes (ARS 4-229).  Specific signage is required.

Other private property banning firearms generally falls under the Criminal Trespass statutes in ARS 13 Chapter 15.  In a nutshell, there are no specific signage requirements and whatever sign you see is the owners request that you leave if you are armed.

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No Guns Signs on Private Property
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