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The Arizona Citizens Defense League does NOT endorse any candidate for public office, or get involved in any elections. We are no longer associated with any political committee, and do NOT give our permission for any candidate, political committee, or other entity to use our name and logo for any purpose. Any claim of an endorsement from the AzCDL, or any use of our logo for such purposes, should be considered illegitimate, and subject to potential legal action.

Front Sight Fall Training

You are invited to join AzCDL on our outing to Front Sight’s Nevada facility  from September 11 through 14 when Front Sight is offering a 4 Day Defensive Handgun class.  Information about this class, along with others that are offered, can be found at Front Sight’s...

Attorneys on Retainer

For the law-abiding, the heaviest thing about a firearm is the responsibility that comes with it.  If you carry a firearm, you already accepted the responsibility of defending yourself and loved ones.  However, carrying a firearm increases your odds of an interaction...

AzCDL latest newsletter available online.

The AzCDL Newsletter for May 2020 is available for viewing and downloading. Inside this issue: Recap of 2020 Arizona Legislation Emergency declarations and firearms confiscations Bloomberg targets Arizona - again Download your copy today.

It’ll never happen in Arizona?

Too often, when discussing legislative proposals that restrict our right to keep and bear arms in Arizona, we hear “Oh, that’ll never happen in Arizona” as if there is a magic force field over the state that will keep our legislators from infringing on our rights. It...

Legislative Update

On Monday, March 23, the Arizona Legislature passed a baseline budget and adjourned “to the sound of the gavel”, which means they will not be back until the Chinese Coronavirus issue is under control. For now, the plan is to reconvene and clean up the unfinished...

Emergency Declarations & Firearms Confiscations.

With the Chinese Coronavirus panic, there are social media rumors flying around about emergencies being declared in Arizona so that firearms can be confiscated. Thanks to AzCDL’s legislative efforts that issue was addressed years ago.  Neither the state nor any...

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